The platform to build and ship reliable LLM apps.

All-in-one solution to build, deploy, evaluate, and improve LLM apps on top of blazingly fast Rust infrastructure.

Build complex LLM pipelines without any code.

Use our drag-and-drop graph UI to build LLM pipelines in minutes. From simple LLM calls to RAG pipelines with fully managed semantic search engine. Run dozens of experiments in parallel. Manage prompts and other parameters with version control.


Deploy on fastest Rust infrastructure.

Expose your LLM pipelines as scalable and fully-managed REST APIs with a single click. Deploy with confidence using evaluation checks to ensure pipelines are performing as expected.


Monitor every trace.

All endpoint requests are logged and you can easily inspect detailed traces of each pipeline execution. Logs are written asynchoronously to ensure minimal impact on pipeline performance.


Evaluate pipelines.

Run your pipelines on large datasets in parallel and evaluate them with a single click. Use built-in evaluators ranging from simple regex to semantic similarity. Or use another pipeline as an evaluator.