The LLM engineering platform.

Build. Experiment. Deploy. Improve.

Unified platform for LLM app development.

Stop hardcoding LLM business logic.

Build LLM pipelines as dynamic graphs. Don't waste time rebuilding your backend for every change.

RAG out of the box

Fully-managed semantic search over documents and datasets. We handle chunking, vector database and secure data storage.

Python code block

Need some custom data transformation? Write custom python code with an access to all standard libraries.

LLM providers

Effortlessly swap between GPT-4o, Claude, Llama3 and many other models.

Supercharged by Rust.

Pipeline are executed on our custom async engine written in Rust. They are instantly available as scalable API endpoints.

1curl 'https://api.lmnr.ai/v1/endpoint/run' ..

IDE for LLM development.

Everything you need to rapidly iterate on LLM pipelines.

Real-time collaboration

Build and experiment with pipelines seamlessly as a team with Figma-like experience.

Parallel experiments

Run dozens of experiments at the same time. Explore traces and all the cost and latency statistics.

Experiment history

Easily keep track of all experiments and pick up where you left off.

Production-ready from day 0.

Monitor every trace.

All endpoint requests are logged, and you can easily inspect detailed traces of each pipeline execution. Logs are written asynchoronously to ensure minimal latency overhead.


Evaluate pipelines.

Run your pipelines on large datasets in parallel and evaluate them with a single click. Use built-in evaluators ranging from simple regex to semantic similarity. Or use another pipeline as an evaluator.


Continuously improve with new data.

Easily ingest new data from logs to improve the performance of your models without fine-tuning. Get GPT-4 level performance at GPT-3.5 cost and latency.